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Do Not Hire an SEO Company!

Posted by ixava on May 6, 2008

As the owner of an SEO company it is somewhat contradicting to write such an article. However, there are many times when a company or business simply does not need to hire an SEO company.

While I hate to turn away business, I rather turn the business away now then face future hassles down the line. There are certain websites and people that are simply better off without a search engine marketing firm. Here are those that I find to be the most common.

Expect Everything Immediately

People and companies that fall into this category know who they are. White-hat search engine optimization takes time, effort, and patience. Understanding this is essential and those who do not have no business hiring an SEO company. Make no mistake that there are plenty of sales people that will likely promise instantaneous results in order to gain a company’s business. However there is no magic to SEO and a professional company often rather not take customers with unrealistic expectations.

I Can Do It Myself

It is a fruitless effort to convince people they are not capable of achieving their desired results without alienating them to a certain extent. While it is possible, typically it is not worth the effort.

Those who have managed their own website for years will want to keep managing it for years. It might not have anything to do with search results for some. Many people enjoy trying to beat their competitors all by themselves. I also know few people who enjoy having their ego stomped on.

Cannot Make a Decision

Hiring any SEO company involves a certain degree of risk and trust with the people associated with the firm. Companies have to trust their website to people they may not ever meet in person. This is a huge leap of faith. When a company approaches an SEO firm and make a comment such as, “We have tried for years to find a company that can deliver”; take it as a warning sign.

Certainly there is a level of interest or the company never would have contacted yours, but be careful not to put your SEM firm on a pedestal. Chances are if a firm has not selected an SEO company after years of research, they are not suddenly going to hire your company.

This is by no means an all inclusive list. However, in the increasingly saturated field of search engine optimization companies can save themselves an enormous amount of time by not spending it with prospects that are unlikely to hire an SEO company. On the flipside of the coin, those individuals and companies who fall into the categories above can also save themselves time by simply realizing they do not want to hire an SEO company.


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Posted by ixava on May 6, 2008

Have you ever been so busy on the internet going from page to page, saving this and that signing up for this program and that leads you to another and so on and so on?

It gets a bit confusing and all too often you lose vital links and bits of information. This article will show you in simple terms, how I organize my files and stuff, it may even give you some ideas that you can use with your current system.

This is just what I do, and it’s written for those of us that aren’t super wizz internet geeks.

A Directory is something in your computer that looks like a manilla envelope. It’s often called a folder. You use these as you would a huge manilla folder (in real life), because you can put so many pages “Files” in them, you can also put other “Folders/Directories” in them, this makes a “sub directory” or “subfolder”. First, I’ll assume you can do the basics or else you wouldn’t be reading this. So in “my documents” Click on “Make a new folder” and call it “Internet Business” this folder is now a sub folder of “my documents”. SAVE EVERYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR INTERNET BUSINESS IN “internet business” according to the subfolders we are about to make.

Second, Open “Internet business” and click on “new folder” as you just did in “my documents”. Now you will be making subfolders of “Internet business” go ahead and make as many as you can think of! These will get you started! “Mailing lists”, “Loginsfo”, “web building Stuff”, Affilliate referral urls”, “Click ex referal urls”, “Affilliate Banners”, “Click banners”, “Draft articles”, “Email letters”.

In each of these folders you’re going to place “files”, I use note book for everything now. When I started I was using excel and word. But the problem with using them is that they are too big and too slow, especially when you are trying to do 10 different things at once. Using “notebook” will save space on your hard drive and is a lot more “light weight” so it’s faster and speed is everything! It also gives you some experience that will come in handy later when you start writing “html code”. That’s probably a good subject for another article.

Finally, now you should have a directory set up with lots of empty folders, and files. Simply save everything you come across in one of the sub folders of “Internet business” and if you need to you can create more sub folders of “internet business” or subfolders of the subfolders, etc.

That’s one simple way to keep all your important information.

I sincerely wish you good luck and happiness

Bill Boyd

About the author:

The above article was produced by Bill Boyd as of one of the many training and mentoring projects that are part of the activity based training programs provided for free at: http://www.internetprofitmentor.com Go there now take action! It’s free! Over 12 hrs of videos for those Audio/Visual learners.

Bill Boyd

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How to Create Folders in GMail Web Interface

Posted by ixava on May 6, 2008

Everyone know that GMail is one of the best solution for processing emails, especially emails with high attachment (GMail now supports 20 MB of attachment). But most of them complaint about one many drawback in its online interface, yes, we can’t create folders in GMail. But after a small research with GMail, I managed to find a solution of this problem.

I don’t know whether you know about this, but I just wanted to share this information with everyone.

Here is the actual solution:

First create labels as per your requirement
Next, select the email(s) that you want to transfer to a folder
After selecting it, apply the label that you want
After that “archive” it

Here is a Video version for better understanding:

Click here to view video

That’s all! Your emails will be now segregated into folders 🙂 navigate to each end every label, as if you are using folders.

Hope this small piece of information will help, but the easiest way it to configure it to outlook or outlook express or any email client and segregate it to folders… 😉

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