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How to Create Folders in GMail Web Interface

Posted by ixava on May 6, 2008

Everyone know that GMail is one of the best solution for processing emails, especially emails with high attachment (GMail now supports 20 MB of attachment). But most of them complaint about one many drawback in its online interface, yes, we can’t create folders in GMail. But after a small research with GMail, I managed to find a solution of this problem.

I don’t know whether you know about this, but I just wanted to share this information with everyone.

Here is the actual solution:

First create labels as per your requirement
Next, select the email(s) that you want to transfer to a folder
After selecting it, apply the label that you want
After that “archive” it

Here is a Video version for better understanding:

Click here to view video

That’s all! Your emails will be now segregated into folders 🙂 navigate to each end every label, as if you are using folders.

Hope this small piece of information will help, but the easiest way it to configure it to outlook or outlook express or any email client and segregate it to folders… 😉


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